First post! An Introduction…


October 5, 2011 by Zuri

Welcome to my first post on Grimm Reality!  In the coming posts, I’ll be sharing the changes I’m making to my life in order to live happier and healthier.

Life these days can leave us all jumbled and drained.  In the last few years, I’ve found myself sick, without energy, gaining weight and thoroughly unhappy with myself as a whole.  Since relocating from Tennessee to Florida three years ago, my life had grown more sedentary and I gained forty pounds.  Recently, I started retaining water in my legs and began worrying about early symptoms of diabetes.  My doctor told me to cut out the extra salt and to get off my butt and exercise!

I’ve never really had to exercise before, and until now, wasn’t really concerned with my diet either.  My weight was always relatively stable.  But since peeking into my medical file at the doctor’s office and seeing where she wrote “Overweight” on her chart, I’ve been a bit more motivated to get my act together and start shedding the extra pounds.

I changed my diet a bit, tried to cut back my portion sizes, and stepped away from my computer to walk five days a week.  Since that time, I’ve lost ten pounds – which is 25% of my goal!  Seeing progress has become a major league motivating factor!

With all this motivation, I decided that I wanted not only to record what I’m doing to improve my health, but I wanted to share it with others.  Who knows?  Someone else might be interested in these real life changes, and might make changes for the better in their own lives.

The way I’m breaking down this site is that I’m organizing my posts into the following categories: Body, Food, Life, Mind and Spirit.  In each of these sections, you’ll find:

BODY: This section will be about things of the physical variety, whether they be sickness, health, doctors, fitness, exercise, etc.

FOOD: Kind of self explanatory.  I’ll be covering diet changes, my own eating habits, and maybe a few recipes, too!

LIFE:  Life changes.  A lot goes on in life, and this is where I’ll be putting a lot of miscellaneous stuff that doesn’t really fit into the other categories, but is still important to overall well-being.

MIND:  I suffer from mental illness, and have for the last twenty three years, for which I take medication.  This is where I’ll be documenting any mental health related issues.

SPIRIT:  Spirituality is important.  I try my best to live by Buddhist teachings and principles, and will be putting any spirituality related posts under this heading.

Wow!  That’s a long post!  I think that’s all for now.  I’m really looking forward to seeing where this journey takes me, and also looking forward to sharing each step with you.  Namaste. 🙂


4 thoughts on “First post! An Introduction…

  1. Lindsay says:

    Y halo thar! 🙂 I’m officially following you. I’m interested to see what you have to say; I’m doing similar things diet and exercise wise, for much the same reason.

  2. Great idea to start a blog! Its very brave of you to give such intimate details about yourself, which many people fail to do so.
    i wish you a success and a happy life.:)

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