The Great Soda Search!


October 27, 2011 by Zuri

Soda Cans

Oh, sweet nectar of life!

Mmmm soda!  Love soda!  Tasty, tasty caffeinated sugar water!

I have to admit to being a soda drinker for most of my life.  Cherry Coke, Dr. Pepper, heck, even my all time favourite Crystal Pepsi (doesn’t that take you back?), I love those fizzy drinks.  In the last year, learning more about how much we ingest High Fructose Corn Syrup, we decided to try and cut HFCS out of our lives as much as possible.  This meant giving up our sugary drinks.  Sigh.

Still, I needed bubbles.  I love the carbonation that soft drinks have, so we switched to diet drinks, both with Aspartame or with Sucralose.  Our drink of choice has been carbonated flavoured water, store brand, at less than a dollar per liter.  They taste awesome and are caffeine free.  The downside?  Chemicals.  Double sigh.

What’s a newly awakened health-conscious person to do?  I want the best of soda without all the icky stuff that comes with it.  Sounds impossible?  I’ve snooped around the interwebs and found a few ideas, like juice and seltzer water.  Some have suggested I should just be happy with plain water with lemon (ew, the water here at the house is fairly unpalatable).  I make myself liter bottles of sweetened herbal tea, but I’d like to get away from processed white sugar.  Maybe try an alternative sweetener, like agave or stevia?  It’s all so confusing.

Tonight I tried a mixture of 2 parts seltzer water and 1 part sweetened white herbal tea.  It wasn’t bad.  Not quite sweet enough for my liking.  I liked the bubbly-ness of it, especially the coldness of it, it was pretty refreshing.  I think I can fudge with this “recipe” a bit, especially if I experiment with new sweeteners, to find something I like.  I’ll most likely try this mixture with fruit juice as well.  Cranberry might be nice?

Question Of The Day:

Got any ideas for good alternatives to soda?  Think carefully, you’ll have to consider sugar intake, caffeine and chemicals when weighing your options!

7 thoughts on “The Great Soda Search!

  1. I would probably go for raw sugar instead of the natural “sweeteners.” They still have an aftertaste. Or, honey. I’m a big fan of cranberry or pomegranate juice mixed with soda water. Whole Foods also sells a bunch of sodas with natural sugar in them.

    • Murdercakes says:

      Well it depends, sometimes the “raw” sugar isn’t that raw, it can still be pretty processed, and it’ll still spike your blood sugar. The alternatives tend to have a lower glycemic index, which won’t spike your blood sugar like plain sugar does.

    • Murdercakes says:

      Also, it would help if Whole Foods wasn’t across town from us, it’s a bitch driving out that far just to pick up a few things, though I might try to make a habit of it.

  2. Lindsay says:

    I drink soda Zero fairly often. I know; I’m bad. But in a lot of ways, it could be so much worse. I never drink sugar soda, only the sucralose version. Even though it’s got chemicals in it. My alternative is iced, Splenda-sweetened tea, so that doesn’t help much. Apologies.

  3. xrumer blast says:

    Hello just thought i would let you know one thing.. This is 2 times now i have landed on the website within the last 3 weeks looking for totally unrelated things. Odd or what?

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