OPA! Dinner at Acropolis Greek Taverna!


October 29, 2011 by Zuri

Every so often, Baron likes to take his daughter out to one of our favourite restaurants – a Greek restaurant called Acropolis Greek Taverna (in New Tampa) – which is conveniently located up the street from our apartment.

We got there just after 8pm and immediately were shown to our seats, no waiting is very nice.  We opted to eat on the patio, as the light rain all day left things a bit cool, and the music inside the restaurant was very loud.  I didn’t want to have to yell over dinner to hold a conversation.  The downside of being out on the patio is that’s where the hookah smokers are (hookah is very big in Florida, it seems).  I’m not a smoker, and it seems the only one it bugged was me, so I tried to ignore it.

We ordered our appetizers:  Baron ordered the Dolma – his favourite.  His daughter ate the bread with Tzatziki.  My appetizer was the Spinach Artichoke Dip.  The dolma came with pita and lemon and was quickly devoured.  The Spinach Artichoke Dip came with mounds of cheese and tomato covered flatbread, far too much for me to finish in one sitting, and at least half was packaged for me to take home.  The 12 year old was warned not to fill up on bread ant tzatziki, even though she’s a huge fan of the cucumber dip.

Time for the main course!  I ordered their Seafood Pasta, Baron ordered the Shish Kebab and we convinced his daughter to try a Chicken Gyro with Greek Fries.  The children’s menu had your stereotypical fare – chicken tenders, burgers, etc.  We really wanted her to try something new on this trip, and not just rely on the same ol’ same ol’.

My seafood pasta arrived, penne pasta with a tomato cream sauce, and mussels, shrimp and scallops, topped with shaved parmesan.  Thankfully all the mussels were open this time, unlike the last time I ordered this item.  None of the seafood was overcooked.  While not a huge entree, combined with the half-appetizer I ate prior, there was no way I could finish it, and packaged the rest to take home with me.

Baron’s Shish Kebab was, in my opinion, huge.  It came with roasted mixed vegetables and orzo (which he tried to convince his daughter were really maggots).  He enjoyed the beef, told me that the meat was well seasoned, and that it was cooked to his liking.  Last time he had the vegetables they were a bit overdone, but this time they were cooked perfectly.  He ate through his entire entree.

Watching his daughter eat her Gyro was … interesting.  She first referred to it as a taco, which I commented that while it does have similarities to how a taco is eaten, it was indeed, not a taco.  We also had a conversation on the difference between chicken that has been “blackened” and chicken that has been “burnt”.  She ate most of the gyro with a knife and fork, and brought half of it home to eat tomorrow.  She did, however, polish off most of the fries with feta cheese.

As is usual, we left there completely stuffed, and left to head home and flop over into food comas.  They’re a bit on the costlier side of our budget, but it’s something we like to do once every couple months as a treat.  There food is rarely disappointing, they offer live music most nights, and on Fridays they have a belly dancer!  She came out onto the patio to get down with her bad self, and shimmied a bit for Baron’s daughter.  It was cute.  Also, the music will pipe up on occasion and the waiters will form a dancing line around the restaurant, shouting “OPA!” while the restaurant goers clap to the music.  It’s a very festive atmosphere, and a lot of fun.

I highly recommend the New Tampa Acropolis, if you are in the mood for great Greek food, an awesome mood of the restaurant, and really helpful staff.

2 thoughts on “OPA! Dinner at Acropolis Greek Taverna!

  1. eftychia says:

    Greek food is delicious! Tavernas in Greece are places everybody should dine at least once in a life time :-)!!

    • Murdercakes says:

      I love their food, and would gladly go back more frequently if we had the extra cash! Wish we could actually go to Greece to visit the real thing. Thanks for commenting!

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