Overcoming My Fear Of The Dreaded Avocado!


November 6, 2011 by Zuri

I have to admit to something kind of silly.  Avocados scare me.  I love them, they’re super tasty, amazing in sandwiches and guacamole, and I can’t get enough of them.  However, I have never bought or used an avocado before, because frankly, the thought kind of terrified me.

Yup. Silly.  I know.

I know why avocados give me the creeps.  It’s that they turn brown.  I understand that this happens to a lot of fruits and veggies – apples, for example – but they don’t instill the fear in me that avocados do.  I’m just panicked with the idea of buying an avocado, trying to use it, and not being quick enough with the acid to maintain that nice green colour.


Can you sense the aura of terror surrounding it??

Our most recent trip to the Farmer’s Market had me staring down at the avocado with a dual sense of want and dread.  Baron commented “Do you want some avocados? They’re two for a dollar.”  I gave him my usual noncommittal shrug.  He pressed, knowing how much I like them, and I re-explained to him my fears about working with them.  He then made the executive decision to buy two (they were fairly small).

The first one was sacrificed to the Guacamole Gods.  Baron decided on a surprise fajita night, and made fresh guac for the festivities.  Whew, dodged that bullet!  The second one, however…

We’re a bit scarce on groceries right now, so I decided I’d use the last of the produce on making some nice veggie wraps with the leftover flour tortilla shells from fajita night.  I decided to saute some mushrooms, orange bell peppers and an onion, and add them to some nice cold spinach and orange tomato.  Before leaving for work, Baron commented “You should use that avocado in them, too!”  I think I inwardly cringed.

So I cut up my veg and got the stove going, putting a wee bit of olive oil in the pan and starting the goodies on the heat.  I chopped up the tomato, and got the stems off the spinach.  Then, I stared down the avocado.  It’s a wee thing, isn’t it?  I waited a second or two, and then dug in with my paring knife.  It came apart fairly easily, and I had no problems getting the pit out.  I scooped out the innards with a spoon, put it in a bowl, and started to worry.  I couldn’t remember if we had lime or not to prevent it from browning!  I dug around in our fridge and found a nice half lime, squeezing it into the avocado, while mashing it up with a fork.  Success!

So tonight, I cooked a quickie dinner for myself, and overcame my fear of the dreaded avocado.  I was proud of the fact that I could whip something up that was relatively quick, fairly healthy and meat-free to boot.  Hopefully there will be more meals like this to come, once I get more groceries in my kitchen.  For now, I’ll chalk this up to a another positive learning experience, and one that won’t prevent me from poking through the avocados at the Farmer’s Market!  Bye-bye fears, and hello tasty, tasty avocado noms!


5 thoughts on “Overcoming My Fear Of The Dreaded Avocado!

  1. Carolyn Jung says:

    I hope you come to love avocados because they are truly one of the greatest eats in the world. In summer, there’s nothing better than a rich, buttery mashed avocado between two slices of artisan bread with a sprinkle of sea salt and a drizzle of good olive oil. Heaven!

    • Murdercakes says:

      I already love them, I just need to love working with them, and I’m on the fast track to that already! I wish I had more on hand right now to eat some more. 🙂 And your idea sounds super tasty… I’ll keep it in mind. Thanks for posting!

  2. I’m so glad you have overcome your fear of avocados…. I couldn’t imagine a grocery trip without tossing a couple into my cart.

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