Review #2: Larabars Apple Pie!

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November 9, 2011 by Zuri

This week I received four Larabars in the mail for review.  I have to first preface that I’m not being paid by Larabar for the review, and the opinions stated in this review are 100% my own.  I’ve decided to review the four flavours separately, and the second flavour we’ll be reviewing is Apple Pie.

Apple Pie Larabar

Apple Pie Flavoured Larabar

As a recap, the Larabar is a fruit and nut bar that is gluten free, dairy free, soy free, non-gmo, vegan, and kosher.  Made from “100% real food”, the Apple Pie bar contains no added sugars or preservatives.  It’s only ingredients are dates, almonds, unsweetened apples, walnuts, raisins and cinnamon.  One 1.8oz bar equals 1/2 of a cup of fruit, and it’s a good source of fiber.  Now on to how it tastes.

I was expecting it to be more… apple-y?  The apple flavour was subtle, and I easily caught both the raisins and the cinnamon.  I’m sure with dates and nuts being the primary ingredients, it was only possible to get so much apple flavour into the bar without using artifical flavours or chemicals.  Like the Ginger Snap bar, the texture was soft and dense, almost brownie or newton-like.  The nuts offer a bite to cut through the chewiness of it.

Apple Pie Larabar Nutritional Information

Compared to the Ginger Snap flavour, there’s a few differences in nutritional value.  It’s lower in calories than Ginger Snap, comparing Apple Pie’s 180 calories to Ginger Snap’s 220.  The total fat is a bit lower (10g, 15% DV), and the amount of fiber is a bit lower as well (4g, 16% DV).  Apple Pie has a little bit less protein as well (4g, 8% DV).  I’m guessing the difference is the addition of two more fruits to the bar in this flavour than in Ginger Snap (unsweetened apples and raisins).

While I enjoyed Apple Pie, I didn’t find the flavour to be nearly apple-ish enough for my tastes.  It’s not a flavour that I would avoid, but I don’t think it would be my first choice of Larabar if given different flavour options.  If you’re into subtle flavours, this might be more up your alley.  We’ll see how the other flavors – Lemon Bar and Chocolate Chip Brownie – compare as far as flavour intensity goes.


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