Review #3: Larabar’s Chocolate Chip Brownie!

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November 13, 2011 by Zuri

Tonight I’ve been kind of down and moody.  What better when in a down mood than a bit of chocolate?  I decided to give Larabar’s Chocolate Chip Brownie flavour a test run, just for the occasion.

Chocolate Chip Brownie Flavourted Larabar

Chocolate Chip Brownie Flavourted Larabar

Again, I have to preface that although the bars were sent to me free of charge, the reviews and opinions stated are 100% my own.

Unlike the previous two flavours, Chocolate Chip Brownie is only gluten free, non-gmo and kosher.  The ingredients state that it contains

  • dates
  • Fair Trade™ chocolate chips
  • walnuts
  • almonds
  • Fair Trade™ cocoa powder
  • salt

It may also contain milk from the chocolate chips, which is why this product isn’t considered vegan.

The texture of this product compared to the previous two is pretty much the same, considering that the primary ingredients – dates, walnuts and almonds – are universal.  The chocolate flavour, however, was nice and pronounced.  The chips were hard to find amongst all the nuts, but I’m sure that they added to the chocolatey flavour in there somewhere.  There was no doubting the chocolate in this chocolate bar.  In some cases it might have been just a little bit TOO chocolatey, depending on how much you like chocolate.

Chocolate Chip Brownie Nutritional Information

Click image above for clarity.

The bar has a few more calories than Apple Pie, but a few less than Ginger Snap.  As with all the bars, there’s a good amount of dietary fiber (5g, 21% DV).  The total amount of Fat is lower than the previous two bars as well (9g, 13% DV).

To sum things up, it’s a very chocolatey bar for it’s small size, and I don’t think I could handle that much chocolate flavour if the bar were sized up any bigger.  Depending on your tolerance for chocolate, this might be a good or bad choice for you.  For me, at this size, it’s a nice “once-in-a-while” treat, but not a flavour I would choose with any regularity.

Three bars down, one to go.  Lemon Bar is our last Larabar up for review.  Keep an eye out for it soon.


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