Bloodwork Results – Where Do I Go From Here?


November 20, 2011 by Zuri

So yesterday was a rather annoying day of ups and downs regarding getting my bloodwork results.  I thought that being scheduled on a Saturday morning (10:30am) would make things simpler, considering that the one other time I was there on a Saturday they were fairly empty.  I left with plenty of time, stopped off at Dunkin’ Donuts for a bagel and some orange juice, and drove to the appointment.  Upon checking in, I was informed that no, my appointment was not at this particular clinic.  It was at a different clinic twenty minutes away – one that I had only the vaguest notion of how to get to (“Funny, you’re the second person this has happened to today”).  Growing increasingly pissed off, I asked the receptionist if she could call over there to let them know I was on my way, so that they wouldn’t cancel my appointment.  She said sure, and gave me a little brochure with a map of how to get there.  I set out on my journey, bagel in hand.

With a little finagling – and one road detour I hadn’t planned on – I found the place.  The place was nearly entirely empty.  When I approached the receptionist and explained what had happened, she told me she had already marked me as a “no-show”.

“But… the receptionist at the other clinic said she was going to call you.”

“No, nobody called.”


She changed my no-show to show that I was indeed there, and I waited about ten minutes to be seen.  Weight was the same as my last appointment at 202lbs.  Blood pressure was a little high – 120/90 – but pulse and temperature were normal.

The doctor came in, sat down, and started going over my blood test results.  My fasting blood sugar was fine, so no Diabetes.  Very good, since it runs rampant through my family.  My cholesterols were ok – my “good” cholesterol was fine.  My “bad” cholesterol was slightly elevated.  My triglycerides?  That’s where things get a little sticky.  The way she explained it, your triglycerides should be under 150.  Mine were over 300.  The “high” range is 200-499.  Ick.

The second problem we ran into was the thyroid tests she ran.  Thyroid problems run in my family.  A few years ago, I had some bloodwork done and it showed that I tested positive for thyroid antibodies – that means my immune system would eventually identify my thyroid as something foreign, attack it, and stop production of the right kind of thyroid hormones.  At the time, we had no idea when it would happen, just that it would happen eventually.  Apparently “eventually” has arrived.

My thyroid test, which she said should have been under a 4, was an 8, making me test positive for hypothyroidism.  She prescribed me levothyroxine, a replacement thyroid hormone, and I have to take it every morning 1/2 an hour to an hour before breakfast with a full glass of water.  I’ve been told I’ll have to take it for the rest of my life.

Because of everything that turned up, I’ve been running my little fingers mad on the internets, researching what I can about fixing my triglycerides and taking care of my thyroid problem.  It would seem they could be related.  Hypothyroidism can cause elevated triglycerides.  The doctor, however, still wants me to change my diet to reduce my triglycerides.  That means cutting out a lot of sugars and carbs from my diet.  I don’t really consume a lot of sugar as it is, at least, I try not to.  Carbs however are kind of a staple of our diet in the house, and really hard to get around.  It’s frustrating enough trying to find a dietary solution that meets both my needs as someone who wants to go plant-based and Baron’s needs as a more meat-friendly omnivore, now to have to wrestle with this, it’s making it all seem very futile.

At this point I’m hoping that the new medication will help my energy levels, giving me the strength to get out and exercise more and hopefully lose the weight that I’ve put on the past few years.  Our current plan is for me to be on the meds for eight weeks.  I go back for bloodwork in six weeks and get seen in eight in order to check the thyroid levels.  I don’t know if they’re going to make me see an Endocrinologist, specifically, or just keep going to the Clinic.  I guess we’ll see when the time comes.  Wish me luck.


6 thoughts on “Bloodwork Results – Where Do I Go From Here?

  1. montemplar says:

    {{{HUG}}} I hope the meds work out for you.

  2. Cat says:

    Going back to check the levels in the blood is fairly normal. I didn’t have to see an Endocrinologist but then I don’t have the other issue that you do. I wasn’t told anything about antibodies attacking the Thyroid, but just that my thyroid wasn’t producing enough of the hormone. Yes, energy levels do increase and weight loss does occur, at least they did for me. The thing about water is very important. make sure that you do take it with a full glass. The thing though that I did not get warned about is how thirsty you can get with the medication, at least at first. Drink lots of water as you will need it. Good luck, it is something that you get used to.

    • Murdercakes says:

      Thanks for the comments, Cat. I’m probably going to be prodding your noggin for more information as time passes on this. I did take it with a full glass of water, and remembered not to eat anything for a while after.

  3. My husband has thyroid problem and he had surgery done when he was 18. He’s been taking medication everyday since then and still has to go through checkups once in a while. I pray for you that results will come out okay. 🙂

    • Murdercakes says:

      Thanks for commenting. I’m still learning how to manage the medication – I goofed this morning and ate too soon! I guess it’s just something you learn to live with.

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