Back to School – Soon!

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May 31, 2013 by Zuri


Great news!  I got accepted to the local Community College for the upcoming Fall semester! *happydance*

It’s been a road full of ups and downs.  First I thought I was late getting my application in, then my transcripts were late arriving (of the four I need, one still hasn’t arrived!).  THEN I found out that one of the colleges I went to isn’t regionally accredited!  That means four years of classes out the window, non-transferable.  Because of that, I don’t have my credits in math, so I had to take the math placement exam – I didn’t do so well.  They placed me in “Beginner Algebra” :/  They also informed me that because I don’t have a Florida driver’s license, I have to pay out-of-state tuition.  Thankfully, I have until August to fix that, which shouldn’t be a problem.

I registered today for my classes, and it took me an hour and fifteen minutes total.  I don’t remember it being this complex the first time around (and they say computers are supposed to make things “easier”. Hah!).  I had planned out my classes, but when I went to register, it figures that the time slots I wanted weren’t available.  I’m trying to not take night classes right now, so that nixed “Nutrition & Drugs” for one of my science requirements.  I tried to take “World Literature pre-1650” but the times weren’t matching up.  Same with “World Literature 1650-Modern”.  Grrrr.

In the end, I got a schedule that I found workable:  Beginner Algebra, Introduction to Religion, Introduction to Anthropology and Public Speaking – all go towards graduation requirements.  Two classes are on Monday & Wednesday, two classes are on Tuesday & Thursday, with at least an hour between classes so I can organize myself.  I even plugged my class times into Google Calendar, so that it’ll notify me with a popup 30 minutes and 10 minutes before class, since I’ll probably have my netbook (codenamed “Poptart”)  with me at school.

I’ve been spending most of my day nerding over school supplies and reading up on study methods, note taking, and adult education.  I wish it wasn’t so far away.  While I’m super excited, I’m also terrified.  I didn’t do so well when I went to school when I was younger.  At 39, I’m hoping maybe all of that is behind me.  I’m going to bust my ass for the next two years, so that I can get uber grades so I can transfer to the local University.  Crossing my fingers that all goes well!  Namaste 🙂

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