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November 18, 2013 by Zuri



Wow. Things have been SO CRAZY on this end! School is nearing a close for the semester, which means studying for final exams (for the classes who are actually having finals). That means Religion, Math and Computers are all going to be making me mental for the next couple of weeks. Thankfully, Anthropology isn’t having a final, they’re just having a test on the last quarter semester’s worth of material.

I had to write a “Gordon Rule” paper for my Anthropology class, and I turned it in a month ago. Finally got it back today! I’ve been panicking over this grade the entire time, because I want to major in Anthropology. Blessedly, I got a perfect grade on my paper – 8 out of 8 possible points – plus 1 point extra credit for making use of the writing lab!

I had an Anthropology test last week too, and I got an 88. A lot of people would say “Hey! That’s great!” but I have very high expectations for myself. My previous two test grades in Anthropology were a 96 and a 92. Adding up all my points and checking them with the syllabus, I’ll need a 33/50 (66%) in order to pass with an A. This makes me breathe a little bit easier.

Math (Beginner Algebra) I’m going fairly well in, surprisingly. My grade thus far is a 93. My Religion class I have a 101.5. Computers… I have no idea what my grade is for computers. He’s grading it on a point system of over 2,000 points, and when I tried to do the math to figure out my grade, it said I had a C. When I met with my teacher, he told me not to worry, as I have one of the highest point totals in the class. “Keep doing what you’re doing” he says. Ok, I guess.

If you’re wondering why I’m stressing so badly about getting A’s, is that I’ve made it a goal of mine to get into Honors College. I know I’m capable of getting A’s. Now I just have to prove it.

I worry that I’m going to burn myself out with this extreme goal. This is my third go at college, and I don’t want to screw it up like last time. I’m really determined to get this right!

In other news, I still haven’t gone strictly vegetarian. With school, my diet is suffering. I’m eating crap for breakfast and I’ve gotten back into the soda habit. My lunches haven’t been TOO bad: yogurt, string cheese and a protein/fiber bar, with VitaminWater or (egads) a soda. If I have to purchase lunch, it’s usually a Veggie Delite from Subway or a turkey burger from the Grille. They also have Pizza Hut and Starbucks, but I’m trying to avoid them.

That’s about it for updates for now. I’ll try and update with greater frequency, as time allows. Have a good one!

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