Nerd Alert! Worries about school (again)

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January 2, 2014 by Zuri

glassesOk, I think I’m nerding out.

It’s only my second semester at school, and I’m already worrying about getting into a good Graduate program, how to pay for it, and where will I live while I’m going!  I’m a worrier, I know this.  I’ve always been this way.  I like things to be planned, and not endless surprises.

For example: The school opened back up today after the Holidays.  I checked, and Financial Aid had gone through and paid for my tuition (yay!), so I figured that my book money had been put on my ID card by now, so I could buy my books.  My plan was to get a jump on some of the reading over the weekend.  See?  Nerd.

Unfortunately, my money was NOT available, and I was told to come back on Monday.  School starts WEDNESDAY.  I wanted to get stuff done NOW to avoid everyone trying to do it next week and causing chaos.  But no, it was not meant to be.  This is what I mean about not liking surprises.  I like important things to be planned and organized in advance.  Sigh.

So back to Graduate school.  I know I’d like to attend University of Florida in Gainesville, they have an excellent graduate program there for Anthropology, but I’m so worried about paying for things, transportation, housing…  it all worries me.

I really should try to focus myself more short-term.  Focus on this semester only, and worry about the other things as they get closer, but certainly not four years early.  Let’s get through my 2 years at HCC, and then transferring to USF and doing another 2 years.  THEN we can worry about Graduate School.


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