Videos: Study Skills!

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January 2, 2014 by Zuri

Getting back into the swing of school for the spring semester, so I thought I’d share a few Youtube videos on study skills!  Now this collection is by no means the complete end-all-be-all of study skills, but try to take what you can from them, and come up with a system of your own.  I spent last summer reading every book I could get my grubby little hands on about learning to study, and taking what work for me.  Hopefully I can use what I’ve learned to maintain my high GPA (it’s currently a 4.0!). ALSO! Be sure to scroll to the bottom where I share my own study tip!

Good luck in the school year!

I follow A LOT of these tips:

Organizational Tips!! Super useful!

I’m going to give you a quick tip that helped me get my high GPA this past semester: I use my netbook to take my class notes if I can. You can do this if you have a laptop, netbook or tablet with keyboard. I’ve found that I can type in more information than I’ll ever be able to write (and my handwriting is atrocious and sometimes illegible). My netbook runs Ubuntu (Linux) so I use LibreOffice, but you can use Word or even Notepad if you so choose. After class – I try to space out my classes so I have time to review my notes between classes – I usually sit down, and copy my notes into Google Drive. I usually have to do a bit of reformatting (bullet points don’t always transfer to Drive well). But what is the REALLY useful part of doing this is that now I can access my notes on any computer, tablet or phone that has the Drive app installed! This means that if I’m waiting at the doctors, or to pick someone up, or if I’m out to eat for lunch, my notes are easily accessible and I can study no matter where I am. This is super useful, because if you can space out your studying, you won’t be cramming and stressing out the entire time.

I hope these tips help – happy studying!


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