Back-to-College Panic Sets In!

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January 5, 2014 by Zuri

Only THREE DAYS LEFT until school gets back into swing, and the panic is starting to settle in.  I’m really worried about my upcoming classes, and jeopardizing my awesome GPA (I somehow managed a 4.0 this semester, so the pressure is really high).

Here’s a breakdown of my classes for this upcoming semester:

Cultural Anthropology:
I’m taking this with the same Professor that I took for Introduction to Anthropology last semester.  I like his teaching style, and found him very easy to understand.  The downside?  I told him halfway through the class that I want to transfer to the University and major in Anthropology.  He was very pleased to hear this, and told me he was working on a curriculum with the University for students who want to transfer with that major.  He also laughed when I pointed out that I wanted to major in this twenty years ago but was told it “wasn’t practical”.  Now, the reason why I’m worrying about this class:  I worry that I’ll hand in a paper, or get a poor grade, or in some other way come across looking like a total moron to this Professor, negating any possibility of me getting into the program.  I know, I aced his class last semester, but I panicked the entire time he had my paper, waiting for the potential shitty grade.

I’ve never taken a foreign language before.  Scratch that – I took French for two weeks and then dropped the class like a hot rock.  I was hoping to take German but sadly the school doesn’t offer it.  Just Spanish and French.  I figure Spanish will be the most useful, so that’s what I’m taking.  The downside?  My age.  Everyone says “the older you are the harder it is to learn a foreign language”.  Well, I just turned 40, so my outlook is kind of pitiful.  I’m hoping maybe I’m gifted or something that makes me learn this easier.  I really don’t want to blow this course.

Intermediate Algebra:
This class I’m only semi-worried about.  I picked up on Beginner Algebra pretty well last semester.  Thankfully a lot of it is pattern recognition, which I’m good at.  I’m taking the same Professor this semester as I did semester last, but her class is at 8am (it was the only time it was being offered with her).  My concern?  Math at 8am.  I’m going to need a mountain of caffeine before class!

Public Speaking:
Anyone who spoke to me at the beginning of LAST semester knows my issue with this class.  My first experience with it was registering for it last semester, and having a Professor that never showed up.  He came the first day, lectured at us about the importance of priorities and never missing a class – no excuses!  Then didn’t show up for the next three classes, or any of his office hours, or answered his emails.  Huh!  I stood an hour and a half in line to withdraw from that course.   So the Disability Office offered to help me pick out a professor “more suitable to my learning style” – which really means someone more accessible and hands-on.  I hate public speaking, but if I end up having to take a career as a professor or some other kind of teacher, it’s a skill I’m going to need.  Hopefully, fingers crossed, I can come up with interesting topics for my speeches.  At least I know how to use PowerPoint now!

Tomorrow, after an 8am morning appointment, I’m going to drive to the school to get my books – hopefully!  Either that, or we’ll have a repeat of last semester, where my money isn’t on my card and I have to wait an hour at Financial Aid before I can get approval to buy my books.  Someone explain to me how, in 2014, the school still uses a system that doesn’t permit its students to check their bookstore balance online or by phone, but ONLY by stopping into the bookstore itself to scan your card?  How much sense does this make?  I honestly don’t know.

Oh well, unless something pops up, I’ll post again after my classes on Thursday.  Wish me luck!


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