Week one – DONE!

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January 9, 2014 by Zuri

Ok so it’s not an entire week, it was only two days, but it’s still done!

Here’s a breakdown of my classes:

Intermediate Algebra: I enjoyed this Professor last semester, and I’m hoping she’ll live up to that this semester. She said that the content is going to be a bit more advanced in this semester, but it is relevant to everything we learned in MAT0028. Two guys from last semester’s class are in this class with me, so at least I’m not flying solo. The downside is on day one she’s already started singling me out in class by name, which gets really embarrassing. I don’t want to get ragged on again by my classmates for this.

Cultural Anthropology:  This class falls in line with my potential Major.  I don’t need to say that I came into this class with high hopes, and my Professor really delivered!  I took this Professor for Introduction to Anthropology last semester, and thoroughly enjoyed it.  He’s promising this semester will be completely different, with a lot of interactive in-class projects and audio-visual aids.  Also, we have to do a Field Research Project.  We have a small book on Field Research Methods to study, and have to come up with our own topic of research.  I have no idea what to decide on, so I hope he helps us out!  All-in-all, I’m super looking forward to this class.

Public Speaking: Ah, the dreaded Public Speaking class.  This one I was loathing.  The Professor I picked for this class came highly recommended, and I could see why!  She’s very informal, very funny, and thrives in the classroom atmosphere.  She had us from day one working in small groups, getting to know our classmates.  We also learned that I’m the oldest person in the class by one year (not including the teacher, who is five years older than me).  Sheesh.  She did comment that her Speech class is the first one to fill up so we’re lucky we got in.  We will have two solo speeches to turn in – an informative and a persuasive – as well as a few group projects.  Let’s see where this one takes us, shall we?

Spanish I:  I’m not really sure what to make of this class.  The teacher is SUPER DUPER passionate, to the point of being obnoxiously loud about things.  On the first day, we discovered she loves her family, God and the US of A (she’s from Cuba).  And God.  She really REALLY loves God.  In fact, a chunk of the class is going to be on Religion, which normally I wouldn’t mind, but I worry she might be pushing a right-wing agenda in this class.  She’s also having us read a book and take a test about Che Guevara, exposing the “truth” about him.  I’m not sure yet, we’ll have to see what happens with this class.  I can’t drop it, because that will bring me below full-time status, but she says that most people who take her class, show up, and participate, pass fairly well.  I hope my age doesn’t work against me.

That’s the breakdown of this semester.  I’ll post more updates in the coming weeks, once I get a chance to go through all the syllabi (two teachers won’t be able to give them to us until next week).  Once I get them all I’ll copy them all down into my planner for the next three months, and thus the anal retentive study habits will resume for another semester!


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