Looking forward to week two

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January 12, 2014 by Zuri

Week 2 of school starts tomorrow.  I’m looking forward to Monday (surprisingly!) because it’s my Cultural Anthropology class.  I have Intermediate Algebra first thing, but I can handle that.  I’ve already finished the first half of my homework due on the 15th, I just need to cover the content tomorrow in order to finish the second half.  Thankfully, this semester allows us to use calculators, but I still end up doing most of the math by hand.  I just feel the need to understand how the numbers work in order to do the math.  Is it just me?

I’m already gearing up for my classes.  I spent an hour-plus yesterday making flash cards of Spanish vocabulary (at the Professors request) and today I’ll be reading the 38 page Introduction to my Cultural Anthropology book.  He hasn’t handed out the Syllabus yet, but I figured I’d get the jump on things – I like being prepared.

We picked up supplies to bring lunches to school at BJ’s Wholesale – Vitamin Water, Greek Yogurt, Apples and Protein Bars.  It’s usually enough to get me through the day.  Granted, last semester’s lunch also contained string cheese, but we didn’t have enough money for that this week.  Oh well, maybe next week?

I really need to watch what I eat this semester.  I gained four pounds over the holiday break – it might not sound like much, but I just lost thirty pounds, and I don’t want to backtrack!  Last semester I ate a lot of crap.  Soda, mini powdered donuts, cheese danish, candy – all stuff that I’d previously removed from my diet, back with a vengeance.  Also trying to get back on track with the vegetarianism this semester too.  It’s been five days since I’ve had meat.  Yay!  Small victories, to be sure, but to me, it means a lot.  Tonight’s dinner will be veggie lasagna.  This one is frozen, but I collected a ton of vegetarian recipes on Pinterest that I’m dying to try, even though up until now I’ve been a terrible cook.

I think this semester I’m going to try and take more Instagram photos, and not just cats and food.  It’s an app I’d love to be able to get more out of.

I think that’s enough rambling for one day.  If you’ve got the time, comment below on what you’re looking forward to over the next four months.  I’d love to hear your input!  Namaste!


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