A few small updates

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January 18, 2014 by Zuri

I’m just going to do an update compiling a bunch of small updates. Here we go:

Right now I’m debating cutting our cable tv service in favor of Roku. Cable television is sooo expensive. We already have Netflix and will have Amazon Prime soon, and I’m considering Hulu+ as well. A few pros: tons of channels not available on normal cable, fitness shows (not available on Netflix and very limited on Amazon), lots of documentaries and horror movies. Cons: Can’t watch shows the night they came out, not all networks stream if you don’t have a membership or already have cable (kind of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?). Shows like Defiance, Project Runway and Walking Dead aren’t available for streaming, so I’m kind of waffling on it. I might just get it anyways, so I can use Daily Burn and get all the documentaries I want.

Fitness: This kind of goes back to the Roku. I’m trying to find tv, videos, whatever that I can play on my tv and get a decent workout. I don’t like buying DVDs, because you don’t know if they suck or not, and you only get one workout. With something like Daily Burn, you can subscribe to their service and it’s like the Netflix of fitness videos. Unfortunately it’s only available on the web, through Roku, or through Xbox360. I’d stream it off my computer to my television but that’s SUCH a pain in the ass. Another +1 for getting the Roku.

I’m still waiting for my Student Loans to come through so I can do some REAL grocery shopping – lots of fresh produce and some vegetarian staples. I posted to Reddit asking what people’s “must have” vegetarian items are, and got one killer list! Really looking forward to making this go at vegetarianism. I just hope I can manage it on a daily basis!

I’ve got a few things on my plate for school. I have a short paper due on Thursday for Public Speaking, I still have to deal with my Spanish class, and who knows what’s in store for Anthropology (But I’m seriously looking forward to it!). Thankfully, I don’t have any math homework due until the 27th, but I think I have a test before that. Not sure. Need to check the Syllabus.

That’s pretty much it for now. I’ll be popping by other people’s blogs and leaving comments, and hopefully you’ll pop back here and leave a comment or two as well! Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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