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January 19, 2014 by Zuri

Ok, I’m not afraid to admit, I play video games sometimes. Not as much as I used to though.

It started off with Guild Wars. I didn’t really like it.

Then I tried WoW. I made it to around level 28, and then got bored. I couldn’t find a guild and got sick of playing by myself (or playing with my boyfriend, where we would spend our time yelling at each other over poor tactics).

My character, Berry (in the pink), Woefull with her back to the camera, Addramalech and his minions hovering up on the roof.

My character, Berry (in the pink), Woefull with her back to the camera, Addramalech and his minions hovering up on the roof.

Then my boyfriend switched to City of Heroes, and I switched soon after. I have to admit, now, that it became a pretty bad obsession of mine. That lasted I think about a year or so. It’s still my favorite video game of all time. I made a lot of cool friends (and some not-so-cool ones) that I still talk to today. It was a great game with an awesome role-play community, and I was sad when the game ended.

Flash forward to today. I haven’t really played a game hardcore like that since. I’ve tried WoW again – got bored, again. A friend bought me a copy of Skyrim, but I had a really hard time with the controls – first person perspective games I have a lot of difficulty with, but I really wanted to try it to see if I could manage. I’ll try again at some point, but right now it just frustrates me.

Another friend of mine got me a 3 day pass for Guild Wars 2, and I have to say, I really enjoyed it! Not as much as, say, CoH, but it was really fun! Now cue a year later, and I finally got a copy of the game. Unfortunately, it seems that the player volume has gone down since I last played, and all the lowbie zones are empty. Kind of hard to group or to fight the event bosses with nobody else around to do it with.

While talking to one of my old CoH friends, they brought up Secret World. Reading up on it, it looks interesting. I’ve heard the gameplay can be a little wonky, but I’m still willing to give it a try. AND he says there’s an RP community on there that’s pretty active. He’s offered to buy me a copy of the game so that I can play alongside him, and I agreed to give it a try.

Character concept art for Secret World

Character concept art for Secret World

The gears are already turning when it comes to characters.  We’re going to play Illuminati, and I’m going to build the character concept during play.  Hopefully this game lives up to my expectations, I’d really love to find a game that I loved as much as CoH.  Crossing my fingers that maybe this is the one.

I don’t intend on abandoning Guild Wars 2, I really like the game, even though leveling is really difficult and takes forever.  I still enjoy the stories.  But I miss RP.  So we’re going to give this other game a try.  Wish me luck!


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