Computer problems and new boots!

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January 27, 2014 by Zuri

First, I have to say my posts may be intermittent for a while, my laptop has had a busted wifi card since the week I bought it, and it’s finally been shipped out, hopefully to be repaired.  My netbook has stopped charging, so I’m stuck borrowing tech from people until I can get something of my own up and running.  My tablet hasn’t worked in ages.  I think I’m either cursed, or in a Dresden-esque turn of events, burning out all of my technology with my super duper magic skillz.

In other news, I finally got new boots!

New boots, now I can stop wearing the ones held together by duck tape #drmartens

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Dr. Martens 14 eye boots.  I’ve patiently waited over 3 years to get a new pair of boots, so now I can stop wearing the ones that are being held together by duct tape.  The hard part begins now – breaking them in!  I’ve got them on now, so I’m wearing them around the house.  They’re kinda squeaky, and the ankles and calves itch.  The sizing might be a little off.  If I got a half size smaller I think it’d be TOO small, but at the moment it feels a little TOO big in the toe?  Is that normal?  My last pair of docs were very roomy in the toe, but they were also men’s boots, not women’s.  So far they’re only mildly uncomfortable, but I feel that’ll probably get worse before it gets better.  We shall see.

Had a math exam today, and I think I did pretty well on it.  I’m hoping for at least a B.

That’s about it!  Everyone have a great week!


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