Instagram! Thrift Haul and Homework

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April 12, 2014 by Zuri

Hello!  Just thought I’d share some Instagram pics today.

This is a neighborhood stray cat who popped up around here a few weeks ago, surprisingly, about the same time the upstairs neighbors moved out.  She’s taken on the nickname “Meryl”.

Stray cat that has adopted my porch. Code name: Meryl.

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The flowers are in bloom on campus!  Took a pretty sweet picture.


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Went to the thrift store recently.  Got a few cool items from Anarchist Closet (punk/goth thrift store here in Tampa), which includes a skull shaped bowl, a Dead Milkmen tshirt, and a Hello Kitty halloween tshirt.  I also scored big at Hot Topic, getting a pair of men’s skinny jeans in olive green (just the color I’ve been looking for!) on clearance!  Today (after my dentist appointment) I hit the thrift store again, and got a lace/net/ish shirt, a long black tshirt, and a red plaid shirt for $4.97 each.

Black lace shirt, Goodwill, $4.97 #haul

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Plaid shirt, Goodwill, $4.27

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Now I’m busy working on my Spanish flash cards and homework, because I have a big and super difficult test on Tuesday – to be joined by my math test on Monday and a speech due on Thursday.  Sheesh!

Hooray for verb conjugation.

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That’s about it for this week.  Everyone enjoy the rest of your weekend, and I’ll try to update again sometime next week!


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