Finals and Summer Plans

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April 20, 2014 by Zuri

Hi all!

I’m getting the spring semester wrapped up and prepped for final exams.  I’m feeling pretty confident that I’ll pass this semester (though I’m still not too sure about Spanish…).  The downside?  If I don’t pass my Spanish final with at least a C, I fail the class.  Doesn’t matter what my grades are until this point, I HAVE to pass with a C to pass the course.  Talk about pressure!

If I don’t pass the course, my financial aid is in jeopardy due to my academic completion ratio.  It’s the ration between how many classes I’ve taken in my academic history – a history spanning 20 years – and how many classes I’ve completed.  Back when I first went to college, I was 17 and mentally unbalanced, so I barely completed anything.  Unfortunately, they’re taking my academic fuck-ups and adding it to the stellar performance I had last semester and saying my completion ratio is too low to continue getting financial aid – so I’m facing financial aid suspension because of my performance 20 years ago.  You would think that now that my life is in order, and that I’m performing well, I shouldn’t have a problem.  WRONG!  Sigh.

I’ve already registered for summer semester classes.  I’ll be taking Astronomy to satisfy one of my science requirements, and I’m taking IDS, which is an exit course required for graduation (you need at least 45 credits to take the class).  I’ve been told the Astrology class is super hard, so I’m hoping the fact that it’ll be the only class I’m taking for most of the semester will be helpful, since I’ll only have to focus on work for ONE class at a time.  The IDS class is going to be interesting, the topic is “Body Art As Communication” and is being taught by one of the Anthropology professors.  The Counseling office told me about it and I couldn’t pass it up!  If I have to take IDS to graduate, at least it’s on a topic that interests me, y’know?

I haven’t registered for my fall classes yet, but it’ll be science, humanities, math and… something else that’s escaping my mind at the present.  Sorry, guys.  I’ll probably do that registration today, before I get too far behind.

Oh, and I have to finish my Anthropology ethnographic research study paper today.  I’m not pleased how it turned out, as I only achieved half of my goals.  Hopefully I don’t get a crap grade on the final paper.  Crossing my fingers on that one (cross yours too, I need the extra juju!).

Time to spend this Easter day focusing on writing my paper and registering for classes.  Only two more semesters to go before graduation and transfer to the University (if they’ll have me!).  Trying to keep my chin up in the meantime!

So, what are your plans for the Summer and Fall?  Please, do share!  I’d love to hear it!


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