Finals Update – One Day Left!

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May 4, 2014 by Zuri

Hello everyone!

Tomorrow is the last day of the semester for me.  I’ll be taking my Algebra final exam, and dropping off my Cultural Anthropology exam.  I’ve already completed both my Speech final project and my Spanish exams.

Spanish, I don’t think I did too well in.  I’m terrified that I didn’t pass the written portion of the test.  In fact, I’m fairly certain I didn’t pass it.  I passed the oral portion well, I got an 89.  I was actually surprised!  Profesora said she should have the final exam grades up by tomorrow. Eegh.  So worried.

My Speech final project went really well.  I didn’t stammer, and I only fudged up once because my cards got stuck together.  Still waiting on the final grades from that one too, but she stated that “If you think you got an A, you got an A.  If you think you got a B, you got a B.  People who got C’s didn’t show up to class today.”  She’s such a funny lady.

I’ve registered for my classes for Fall 2014.  I’ll be taking World Humanities: Prehistory to Early Modern, Western World History: Early Modern Europe, Topics in Mathematics and American Sign Language I.  I took the ASL class because I was one class short of Full Time status, and I needed to fill in SOMETHING.  I’m hoping since it’s so hands-on that I might do well at it.  Guess we’ll see.

Still looking forward to starting the summer semester.  That starts May 19.

Also, I’m waiting for my financial aid to come through, so far, nothing.  It’s got me worried.

That’s all for the school updates.  I’ll post again after I take the last of my finals.  Ta!


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