Final Grades and Summer Goals

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May 5, 2014 by Zuri

Well gang, that’s it, the semester is finished.

My final grades are looking pretty damned good.  As stated in my previously very brief post, I passed my Spanish class with a surprising B.  I received my Anthropology Ethnographic Research Project back, and…. got an A!  He was thrilled about the section on not compromising my ethics in order to collect data.  He’s got the final exam with him, and he says the scores will be posted by Thursday.  Public Speaking – I think I did rather well on this one.  I needed only 15 points out of 50 to get an A in the class, so I don’t think I screwed up my final project THAT bad.  So in that class, I’m counting on an A.  Lastly, my Algebra class, I took my final this morning and the grades should be posted soon (she’s usually very prompt!).  My current score in that class is an 89.7.  Three freaking points from an A???  I seriously better get an A on this test, because if I miss acing this class by three points I’m going to be pretty miffed, indeed.

With my fingers crossed, I’m hoping I make Dean’s List this semester.

The summer is creeping up on us, my friends, but I don’t plan on stopping.  I’m registered for two classes this summer – Astronomy and IDS, which is an exit course.  The topic of the exit course is Body Art as Communication, which sounds really REALLY interesting.  I’m glad I’m taking it this summer, and not in the fall, when the subject is something about Hybrid Cars.  Ick.

I do plan on doing projects this summer.  I’ve already started a craft project, and I’m hoping to write some as well as read, though I don’t know how much fiction reading I’ll get done in conjunction with my school reading.  I’d like to write more on the story idea I’ve had rattling around, and then audio record it in a kind of “audio book” format.  I think that’d be fun.

Oh! One more thing – they added a new Anthropology course to the curriculum for this fall, “Intro to Biological Anthropology” and it includes a lab.  I signed up the minute I heard about it!  The friend I made in my Cultural Anthropology class is also signing up for it, so I’m happy about that.  It only sucks because it’s an afternoon class, and that I’ll have 3 classes back to back on Monday/Wednesday.  Ugh that’s gonna suck.  Stock up on the protein bars!


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