New Apps for the Summer Semester

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May 6, 2014 by Zuri

Hiyo!  Last year I got a Samsung Galaxy 4, even though I really didn’t want it.  I said I would’ve been fine with an earlier model Samsung, that “I don’t need the latest and greatest”.  Since then I’ve grown rather fond of it, in it’s green Hello Kitty rubber case.  It wakes me in the morning, it has alarms to alert me of classes and appointments, it lets me know when people comment on my blogs.  It’s super useful, and I feel kinda dumb for not realizing it sooner.

(Just a quick FYI, I’m not being paid for any of these reviews, these are all my own opinions on free apps available from Google Play)

For the upcoming summer semester, I’ve got 3 apps that I’m going to put to use and give a good trial run.  The first one is an obvious one:  Google Calendar (note: I used the calendar app that came with my phone, linked to Google, NOT the app that’s available on the Play website)

In the past, I’ve tried to use Google Calendar to keep track of things like bill paying and the like, but since I never remembered to load it anywhere, I sort of stopped using it.  Now that my phone has a Google Calendar widget, it’s become indispensable!

I go into my Google Calendar page on my computer, and plug in times for my classes, my paydays, my bill due dates, and my appointments.  Then I set them to pop up an alarm on my phone 30 min. and 15 min. before they’re scheduled (for some appointments, it’ll be 1 hr. before, to give me extra travel time).  I also have multiple alarms set to make sure I wake up on time.  With the widget, I have it set to the “mini today” calendar, which is 4×2 and lists only things that I have to do today, right on the main screen of my phone, so every time I turn on my phone, BLAMMO – right there is everything I need to do today.


The second app I’m using for this summer’s courseload is called, quite simply, Homework by  It’s an app for keeping track of upcoming homework assignments – something I really need, since I kept forgetting my math assignments which dropped my score by 20% for late work.  Grr.  Anywho…

Going back to my love of widgets, there’s a widget for the phone that lists all the assignments due on that day, which I think might be pretty handy, so long as I remember to plug in assignments from my syllabus or as I go along in my classes.  Reading assignments, papers to turn in, etc.  This one will require a bit more dedication than Google Calendar does.  We’ll see how it performs under pressure when my class starts on the 19th.


Lastly, we have Cram by  It’s a flashcard creating app that I wish I had handy when I was taking my Spanish class!!  I think, with such things coming up as my science requirements, these will come in really handy.  I’m looking forward to giving them a try-out, so I guess we’ll find out on the 19th!  There is a registration requirement, but there’s also over 75,000,000 Cram cards on file, you just have to search for the ones you’re looking for, or custom make a set for yourself.

I’ll do a further review of these apps after their trial by fire.  For now, they’ll wait patiently on my phone until the Summer semester starts.  Try them out for yourselves, maybe you’ll find something that works well for you.

On that note – are there any tech gadgets or apps that you just can’t do without?  Let me know by posting below!  Namaste. 🙂



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