Thrift Store Haul – Sunshine Thrift!

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May 7, 2014 by Zuri

Went to Sunshine Thrift Store with a friend of mine today – first time ever there.  Tons of stuff to look at.  The plus size section was pretty extensive – much better than Goodwill.  But before I get to the goodies (there’s not much, but I did get a few neat things), I have to comment about this one lady at the store.

She had a Louis Vuitton Pochette purse listed at $8.95.  I just saw it on Ebay for $90 (and that was with a damaged handle).  The LV site has it retailed at about $500.  She didn’t buy it – the inside was ‘dirty’ (let me correct her – it was DUSTY).  Are you FREAKING kidding me lady??  I’m half tempted to go back, buy it, and sell it.

Anyways, here’s the few items I purchased today.  I’m still on the hunt for stuff to wear with my skirts, leggings and boots.

Black shirt with 3 button detail $3.45 #thrift

A post shared by Zuri Grimm (@spookeriffic) on

Black shirt with three-button details, priced at $3.45.

Short sleeve black cardigan $6.95 #thrift

A post shared by Zuri Grimm (@spookeriffic) on

Black short sleeved cardigan, $6.95

Black plaid jumper with button up sleeves $6.95 #thrift

A post shared by Zuri Grimm (@spookeriffic) on

Black plaid jumper with tuxedo pleats down the front, for $6.95.

I also found an unopened blank canvas (for painting on) for $4.95, size 24″x30″!  I see a painting in my future…

That’s really about it for purchases today.  I had a great time getting out with my friend, doing something we both love.  Hopefully we’ll get to do it again soon!


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