Final Grades Posted


May 9, 2014 by Zuri

book with pen


So they finally posted the last of my final grades.  They are:

  • Cultural Anthropology: A
  • Public Speaking: A
  • Spanish: B
  • Intermediate Algebra: B

My GPA for the semester is a 3.462.  This annoys me.  Why?  Because that means I’m .04 away from Dean’s List.  I made Dean’s List last semester, and I was hoping to keep the streak up.  Would’ve been fine if I had gotten the A in Math that I was expecting.  It’s kind of my own fault, I forgot a few homework assignments in Math so I only got 80% credit for them instead of 100%.  It’s just painful to be THAT CLOSE.

People tell me I should be happy with my grades, but in all honesty, if it’s not my best work, I’m not happy.  This semester was not the best that I’m capable of, because I wasn’t as organized as last semester.  I also have my past to contend with.  When I try to transfer to University, they’ll look at my grades from 20 years ago, and my poor completion ratio, and judge me based on that.  I want my current grades to PROVE to them that I’m capable of getting the work done.  I don’t want there to be any question that they want me as a student in their school.  Dean’s List consistently in my permanent record would give me that added “oomph” when admission time comes – and it’s coming really soon, since this’ll be my last two semesters in my AA.

Anyways, that’s all for now, sorry about the little mini-rant.  Hope you all have a pleasant day!


2 thoughts on “Final Grades Posted

  1. Sarah says:

    Random question I guess but how long did it take for your professors to post your grades? I have a couple of prof’s that don’t use blackboard so I have no idea of my standing. Since I have a’s in all the other classes its driving me crazy! I am assuming that the hccfl tag means you go to hillsborough comm college, if not, disregard!

    • Zuri says:

      Final grades are usually posted within 48 hours of the last day of classes, if I recall correctly. Neither of my professors this semester use blackboard so yes, it’s a lot of guesswork. And yep, I’m at HCC! 🙂

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