Summer Semester Coming At Light Speed!

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May 16, 2014 by Zuri

Summer semester starts Monday.  I don’t know if I’m ready for it or not.  College level science courses kind of weird me out.  I’ve never had luck sticking through them til the end.  Granted, I was in much worse shape mentally then than I am now.

My first class will be Astronomy.  I’m hoping because it’s my only class for the majority of the semester, I can focus fully on the content and not screw it up.  it’s a ten week course.  My second summer class starts in six weeks, and will be a four week class – IDS.

The subject material for IDS changes every semester.  I’m very fortunate that this semester’s topic is “Body Art as Communication”, with a professor who has done extensive research on the topic – and is one of the school’s Anthropology professors!  Seriously looking forward to this one.  Good, because the Fall subject material for IDS has something to do with Hybrid Cars.  I’ll pass.

I need to hand in the paperwork I have for my Financial Aid appeal on Monday, and that should take about two weeks to go through, then they’ll email me their response.  I’m crossing my fingers (cross yours too!) that they’ll let me stay on financial aid.  There’s really no reason they shouldn’t – I’ve proven I can complete the work with good grades the last two semesters, which is better than any of my previous track record.

Oh well.  I’m not feeling very well so I think I’ll take a short nap, and then get back to writing or something.  Everyone have an enjoyable weekend!


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