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June 10, 2014 by Zuri

Here I am, coming to you live from my sickbed (ok, well, sick couch…).  For the third time, I’m sick, this time with a sinus infection that is totally kicking my ass.  Trepanation is looking like a viable option, my head feels so full of gunk.  My doctor is breaking out the big guns (he says) and prescribing Augmentin.  If I’m still sick after this, we’ll have to start examining why.

The part that sucks is I have class tomorrow morning, and I’m not sure if I’ll be well enough to go.  I emailed my prof and asked her if I could email in my homework, if not I’ll just drop it off before class and then head home.

On the upside, I finally got my test grade: 91%!  When added to my homework grade of…. 91%…. I think my current grade in the class might be …. 91%. Heh.

The donation sites are doing well.  To date, we have $175 donated on GoFundMe and 220 points on DeviantArt.  It’s a start!  If you’re interested in helping to fund my fall semester, check out one of those two sites for more information, or go to the blog post HERE for info on how to help out by Paypal.

We’re also discussing offering a limited edition print of one of my new images to people who donate above a certain level – they would be signed and personalized to the recipient.

This image might be available as a limited edition print - send me a message if you're interested in one!

This image might be available as a limited edition print – send me a message if you’re interested in one!

That’s about it for the updates.  I’m gonna go curl up with some hot tea and the Food Network.  Toodles.

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