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June 24, 2014 by Zuri

If you’re still interested in helping out with my fall semester, check out the sidebar to the right for more information ——–>>>

So far we’ve raised almost $300 between GoFundMe and DeviantArt points.  That’s nearly enough for one class.  Thank you so much for your donations!

I’m finally over being sick – first the throat infection, then the sinus infection – but I’m still feeling less than stellar.  After talking with my doctor and a few friends, there’s a few things I’m researching to help bolster my immune system.  The nurse at my doctor’s office suggested I increase my Vitamin C and Zinc, with supplements.  My pharmacist recommended Probiotics, so I’m looking into that as well.  Lastly, a friend brought up Echinacea, which is a good low-cost herbal supplement used to pump up your immune response.  I’ll check what’s affordable next payday.  I really need something to make me feel better, I can’t go through life with this pervasive feeling of illness.

I had my second test in my Astronomy class – I got a 47 out of a 48 question test.  The professor stated that anything higher than a 36 counted as 100%, and the rest of the points would be put on subsequent tests as extra credit.  So I’m doing surprisingly well in the class, I didn’t expect it.  I’m still nervous about what’s to come – waiting for the other shoe to drop so to speak.

I have a short paper to put together on Exoplanets for the class, due on the 7th.  That’s the same day my second summer class starts – the interdisciplinary class “Body Art as Communication”, lead by one of the Anthropology professors.  Seriously looking forward to that class.

That’s about it for updates.  Everyone have a great week!

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