Food: “Hot Pockets” Cooking Adventure

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June 25, 2014 by Zuri

I love Hot Pockets, but I don’t eat them, because they are horrible for you.  Processed foods, tons of sodium, it’s just terrible for my health.  I miss them.

Poking around the Pillsbury recipe site, I got a bunch of ideas, and decided to make my own.

First experiment was cheese and fresh broccoli inside crescent rolls.  Instead of dividing the crescent rolls into triangles, I kind of mooshed together two triangles to make a rectangle, and folded them over with the filling inside.  Baked them at 350F for 22 minutes.  Plus side – they were nice and cheesy, the way I like, and the broccoli cooked perfectly.  Downside – they puffed up a bit so biting into them was an exercise in not getting burned by the steam, and I cooked them a little too long, the bottoms were very dark brown.  All in all, I considered it a success, as they all got eaten.  Each container of crescent rolls made 4 pockets.

Experiment number two – crescent rolls with diced granny smith apples and cheddar cheese.  I seasoned the apples with allspice, nutmeg and a touch of ginger (I don’t keep cinnamon in the house), honey and a little sugar.  350F again, but for only 20 minutes this time, and they came out perfect.  Great combination of sweet and salty.

Crescent roll with granny smith apples and cheddar cheese. Yum.

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I’m not good at the whole “cooking” thing, I’m just learning right now, so I’m trying to keep things simple.  For example, last night I cooked tofu, green beans and (boxed) mashed sweet potatoes.  I started the sides too soon, the tofu took an hour to cook, so the sides were cold by the time it was done.  I’m not good at timing things.  Also, the tofu should have marinated longer, and perhaps been browned before putting it in the oven, to give it more texture.  We’ll see what happens next time I experiment.

I’ve been enjoying all the vegetarian cuisine, and still collecting lots of recipe ideas on Pinterest.  Hopefully I’ll learn to enjoy cooking.

That’s it for now, everyone have a good one!


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