Review: Against The Grain Gluten Free Pizza


November 4, 2014 by Zuri

against the grain

I am not compensated by the company for my endorsement of their product.  I paid for the product out of my own money and am reviewing it for the betterment of the community. Thank you!

I think one of the biggest cravings I’ve had so far, since going gluten free, has been pizza. I have been DYING for some pizza.  I only just today discovered that Domino’s Pizza has a gluten free crust option, but for a 10″ pizza, they wanted more than $15!  Outrageous!

So the other day while shopping at Publix, I was browsing the frozen pizza section and came across Against The Grain Gourmet Three Cheese Pizza.  I was hesitant.  I had eaten gluten free pizza once on a visit to Baltimore, and while the pizza toppings and sauce were ok, the crust was just not good.  The cost wasn’t bad (about $7) so I decided what the hell? I bought it and brought it home.

I cooked the pizza directly on the rack in an attempt to crisp up the crust, and it came out a good texture, with a bit of crisp to it, and the Three Cheese had LOADS of cheese on it – bonus!  The pizza is 12 inches, which is still bigger than Domino’s, and half the cost.

The crust is made of tapioca starch, and while I didn’t find it greasy, it seemed a bit… buttery?  Definitely not a complaint, mind you, more of an observation.  The company states that their production facility is both gluten and nut free.  The ingredients list is incredibly simple – Tapioca starch, mozzarella cheese, eggs, tomato paste (vine-ripened fresh tomatoes, and naturally-derived citric acid), parmesan cheese, non-GMO canola oil, cheddar cheese, water.

I will definitely be buying this product again, and look forward to finding their other flavors in the future.  I’ll make attempts to purchase some of their other bread products to give them a test run, and report back what I find.

Readers – Do you eat GF pizza, and if so, what’s your favorite brands?  Or do you make your own?

One thought on “Review: Against The Grain Gluten Free Pizza

  1. Julie says:

    Sounds good! I’m going to see if I can find this anywhere and try it. Thanks for the helpful review.

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