Finals Week and Food

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November 30, 2014 by Zuri

Finals week is upon us! Next week the semester ends! Egads!!

From what I can gather, and I’m waiting to hear back from my math professor, but I think I’m exempt from my math final because of my grade (over 90%).  I also have the option of not taking my History final, but I’ll be taking that one.  We have our third exam in History this Wednesday, and without knowing my grade on that exam before the final, I don’t want to take any chances!

I’ve been thinking a lot about food, and I think I’ve been bitten by the cooking bug.  I’ve been cooking more and more lately, and things have been turning out well, that I’m finding that I enjoy it. Now, granted, my cooking is unconventional.  I make a lot of vegetarian stuff, and everything I make is gluten free.

The more I get into it, the more I want to experiment with what I’m doing.  I’ve been taking chicken recipes and adapting them to tofu.  I’ve taken barbecue sauces and added/subtracted ingredients to make them my own.  I’ve finally figured out how to cook rice without messing it up!

I want to try out some new tricks.  I’d like to add a food dehydrator and a spiralizer to my kitchen repertoire (I’ve added them to my wishlist!).  I’d like to experiment with raw food recipes.  I was thinking, maybe do some crazy stuff for lunches and more traditional fare for dinner?  I’ll have to figure it out.  Suffice it to say, I have collected well over 200 recipes on Pinterest that are dying for me to toy with them.  The tv in my apartment is locked on Food Network and Cooking Channel nonstop (it’s recording Cutthroat Kitchen as we speak).  I’ve begun collecting cookbooks, too.

Let’s see where this road takes me, shall we?  Hopefully the food will actually be pretty good.  Upcoming food experiment: Gluten Free Pizza with Cauliflower Crust.  Stay tuned!

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