Happy Birthday, Looking Towards the New Year

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December 28, 2014 by Zuri

Well another birthday has come and gone. It was nothing eventful, my birthday lunch is postponed until next weekend, so hopefully I’ll post pictures afterwards. We’re going for a sushi lunch – yay!

I’ve got my mind thinking towards January – the new year, the new semester, and the like. With all the big changes I’ve made in the last quarter of 2014, there’s a bunch more I’d like to make in the first quarter of 2015! Some ideas:

  • I’ll be buying a car, I really need it to get back and forth to school. Currently looking at a 2002 Kia Sportage.
  • I’m looking to further improve my health – first step is the weight training class I’m taking at the college
  • Also looking to eat better.  Yes I’ve gone gluten free since October, but I’m still having some problems (though not as often).  To this end, I need to focus on my mediocre cooking skills, and not lose faith when things don’t turn out as planned.
  • I’m hoping to keep my grades up while still trying to have a life.  Which means actually going out with friends and being social.

For the start of school in January, I’m looking to make some supplements to my diet, notably infused water and smoothies.  I have a water infuser bottle on my Amazon.com wishlist that I’m going to be picking up.  I already have a Ninja to make smoothies with.  I’ve seen a lot on Pinterest where you can pre-package fruit in freezer bags to have ready for later smoothie making.  Lightbulb!  What a great idea!

I’m also looking forward to making use of my sewing machine that I got for my birthday.  I need fabric and/or old clothes for raw materials with which to create!

All in all I’m trying to maintain a positive outlook for 2015.  Hope you all have a safe and fabulous new years!



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