Back to School!

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January 15, 2015 by Zuri

Back to School, and the first week is in the bag!  This semester I’m taking:

  • Biological Foundations (Biology for non-health majors)
  • Explorations in Mathematics
  • Asian Humanities
  • Weight Training

Biology – This is, by far, my most intimidating class.  The professor seems nice and knows her stuff, she’s clear and concise and I enjoy listening to her.  The material, however, is very dense and complex, and I’m worried about absorbing all of the vocabulary and whatnot.  The lab looks complicated, and we need to keep notebooks and whatnot for the class, which are graded at the end of the term.  Eesh.

Explorations in Mathematics – Not sure about the content of this one, the professor is.. well.. different.  I’m not going to go into specifics, because it would be rude of me.  She does have a tendency to go on tangents – a definite negative.  She loves numbers though, so hopefully she’s able to be informative enough that I don’t lose track of the topics covered in class.

Asian Humanities – This is my favorite class so far.  LOTS of material is covered, both on Powerpoint and through the lecture.  I took tons of notes on the second day.  But the subject is fascinating and I’m looking forward to learning more.  Reminds me a bit of my European History class from last semester.  I hope it stands the test of time.

Weight Training – So, in order to stay full time, I needed 2 credits, and my choices were Yoga or Weight Training.  I really wasn’t interested in Yoga.  I considered Weight Training – something I’ve wanted to get into for a long time, but always procrastinated, was lazy, or just intimidated by the prospect of doing it on my own.  This way, it’s paid for, I’m graded on attendance (50% of the grade is attendance) and I’ll learn to do things the “right way” (proper form, etc.).  Maybe I’ll learn to love it?  I could only be so lucky.

I’m still trying to get used to waking up at 6:45am for my 8am classes and I get home so sleepy.  I feel guilty for yawning so much in class, I don’t want them to think they are boring!

I’ll be sending in my University application tomorrow, if plans go as they should, and then cross my fingers that they accept me into the program.  I’ve got 3 letters of recommendation going to the school, and I hope they’ll give me the edge to get in.  Cross your fingers for me, too!  I could use all the “oomph” I can get!


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