The struggle is real

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March 17, 2015 by Zuri

Few new things, few old things.

Spring break was last week, and I spent it worrying about projects I needed to get done.  Got some of them done, most of them really.  Then I got to Lab today to discover I had an exam that I don’t recall her mentioning.  I should pay attention to the syllabus more.  I think I did very poorly.  Better than originally expected, but still poorly.  I  have a presentation in Biology due tomorrow, a test in Humanities on Thursday, and a take-home test for Math tomorrow.  Also have a small project – a finance project – due next week for Math.  Oi!  Everything is piling up at once!

In other news, I’m in discussions with some folks about maybe, possibly, perhaps, showing my art in a local gallery.  No specifics as of yet, I’m still waiting to hear back with specifics of the submission process, but I’m both excited an apprehensive at the prospect.

Lastly, next month I’ll be moving to a condo closer to University and further from Community College.  I’m glad to be moving out of where I am now.  I should have more room to set up a painting and sewing area in the new place, but it depends on how the furniture works out.

That’s all for now.  How’s your week going?


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