Week One Over at University

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August 27, 2015 by Zuri

USf Bull

Hi all!

I know things were pretty quiet over the summer.  Most of my time was spent painting or volunteering at the art gallery.  But now the summer is over and school has started up – my first semester at a 4 year University, University of South Florida.

My first week at USF was long and confusing.  I had to try and learn where all my classes were, and luckily the three buildings that my classes are in are around the same general area.  The classes I’m taking are pretty high volume, with dense material and tons of homework.

Biological Anthropology is tons of new terms, and the accompanying lab starts with biochemistry.  If you recall my posts from Spring semester, I don’t do well with biochemistry.  Anthropology of Food will require an out-of-class assignment involving the interviewing of Burmese immigrants about their food choices.  Environmental Anthropology involves an out-of-class project where we have to volunteer 15 hours at a community garden.  Finally, my Intro to ASL online course is scary to say the least, there’s so much work!

I need to get my head organized.  I don’t really have my homework schedule organized, and it’s difficult to figure out what’s due when.  I know there’s a ton of reading, and I’ve been trying to keep up.  I’ve got a great planner, I just need to figure out how to organize what I need to get done in it.

In other news, I’m thinking about changing up my diet (again!).  Since my doctor didn’t want me to go full on vegetarian because of my IBS, I was thinking of trying to go half-vegan.  I’d be only eating raw vegan while at school, and going back to my normal diet once I got home in the afternoon.  I’ve been collecting a great number of recipes on Pinterest!  I’m really looking forward to trying this out, hopefully I can make it work?  Fingers crossed!

So that’s it.  University week one over and done with.  Hopefully I can manage the heavy course load, and I’ll try to update the blog with greater frequency.  Ta!


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