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September 17, 2015 by Zuri


It’s a Thursday night, the school week is over, and I’m super tired.

Tonight I had to get some ASL translation work done, and I had a bit of difficulty.  There were signs that I just didn’t recognize, and in the third video there were signs I was convinced we never covered.  I’ll have to see what happens when I get my grade.

Took my first test in Biological Anthropology and I got an 89.66%.  I find that terribly frustrating, as being THAT CLOSE to an A is just crushing!  Maybe if I’m lucky she’ll round up, or I got some of the extra credit questions right (I doubt it). We shall see.

Environmental Anthropology and Anthropology of Food both have field learning projects, which will tie up a ton of my weekend time.  Not to mention all four classes have a TON of reading assignments.  Now, lots of people online have said “don’t worry about the reading”, but the reading is the core of these classes.  There are discussioins and tests on the materials.  Oi.

I’m having a really difficult time keeping focused this semester.  I’m terribly rattled – by schoolwork and home drama – and I can’t seem to shake this constant confusion.  I’ve decided to start seeing the counselor at the school, hopefully they can help me get my head on straight?  My first appointment is tomorrow.  I hope it goes well.

That’s about it for school stuff.  I’ll try to get myself back on track and keep my grades up.

Until next time!


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