End of Semester – now what?

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December 9, 2015 by Zuri

Wow, I can’t believe I didn’t keep posting through the semester.  I kind of blame that on being completely bogged down.  I wasn’t expecting the university experience to be quite so intense!  But I finished, in some instances barely.  I ended up dropping my ASL class for medical reasons, and completed the rest without incident.  Hopefully they accept my medical paperwork or it might negatively impact my completion ratio, and none of us want to deal with that again.  Cross my fingers, I just want to be able to come back in the Spring.

I don’t have my final grades, those will probably post sometime in the next week.  My presumed grades are in the B range, but I’ll post again as soon as I get them in concrete.

I also realized over the course of the semester that taking three or four Anthropology classes is going to cause some major league burnout if that’s all I’m studying.  I picked up a Religious Studies minor, so hopefully if I split the classes up I won’t burn out quite so easily.

I had registered for my classes on the first day of registration, but apparently (and I just found this out today) my Archaeology class was cancelled.  Good thing I noticed!!  I registered for a replacement class.

schedule sp16

I’m taking…

  • Magic & Mythology in Pop Culture (REL)
  • Anthropological Linguistics (ANT)
  • Introduction to Religious Studies (REL)
  • Exploring Cross-Cultural Diversity (ANT)

The last one was what replaced the Archaeology class.  I’m not accustomed to having a schedule start and end so late.  Including those big study gaps in between?  Useful, if I can buckle down and accomplish something with it.

In preparation for Spring classes, I purchased a new 2016 planner.  I’ve been reading up on how to better organize myself, how to focus more on my studies, etc.  I really think I didn’t reach my full capacity this past semester, I was scattered and disorganized.  I didn’t do the reading, I did very little homework, I wasn’t all together on my papers.  I really can improve.

So plans for break are thus:

  • Painting, painting and more painting
  • Planning – get my planner organized and a system in place
  • Studying – studying how to study, that’s how I roll
  • Try out some new recipes
  • Blog regularly!

Short and to the point.  Hopefully this’ll get me through the next four weeks.  I’ll try and post more often.  But until then, everyone have a great holiday!


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