When Pain is the Game…


June 23, 2016 by Zuri

I have had the worst pain for the last couple weeks.  My joints feel like they’re being ripped apart, or like needles are being stuck between the joints.  This is nothing like the chronic pain I’ve dealt with up until now.  It even hurts to type.  I feel downright awful.

I called my doctor, and instead of seeing me, they prescribed an anti-inflammatory, but sadly, my insurance would not cover it.  I called back, and they prescribed diclofenac.  I took it for a day and a half when my hands and feet started to swell.  This was confirmed with the pharmacist and I was told to stop taking it, because of my “reaction”.  Called the doctor’s office this morning, and they said to just take ibuprofen, even though it’s minimally effective. Sigh.

Monday I go in for bloodwork, checking for rheumatoid arthritis, among other things.  I would just be satisfied to have a  name for my pain and treatment options for it.  I don’t care what it is, just something, ANYTHING.  I just need the pain to stop.


One thought on “When Pain is the Game…

  1. Little Bone says:

    I know how you feel. I always feel like they underestimate the pain y’know? They’ve prescribed me Advil and telling me they’re “growing pains” for a long while, until I convinced my mom to take me seriously… problems of a minor, am I right? I’m a sufferer of juvenile arthritis and I’m getting treatment for it (been told it’s not effective enough… bummer). I hope its not the case for you and it’s something that temporary… If it is though, it’ll be a long journey. I hope the best for you!

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