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August 13, 2016 by Zuri

This is me, working on what will probably be my final painting before school starts.  It’s 2:28am, on August 13.  Classes start the 22nd, for me, at 11am.

I’ve been going through my usual routine of organizing, watching study videos, reading college reddits, and generally trying to occupy my time until classes begin.  I’m hoping this weekend to have my work area completely re-established.  I even got myself a new Moleskine planner – I’m so hipster.  I even got a cart from IKEA to hold all my painting supplies, so they won’t be cluttering up my work space so much:

I got it built and it looks rather dashing if I do say so myself (wasn’t too difficult to build, either)!

I’m a bit nervous for this semester’s classes.  I have to take a foreign language – AGAIN – and hopefully not screw it up as badly as I did the last two times I tried.  This is kind of my last hope for passing a foreign language, if I blow this, I can’t graduate. End of story.  No pressure or anything…

I’m kind of looking forward to the forensics class, it should be interesting, so long as it doesn’t throw a bunch of biochemistry into the mix.  I so don’t get biochemistry.  I got my books for all my classes, including a hard copy of the digital German textbook, because I’d rather look at a hard copy than an e-text.  I hate e-texts.

Kind of a short update, I know, but it’s the middle of the night and I felt I had to write SOMETHING down.  I hope you all have a great weekend. Ta!

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