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March 24, 2018 by Zuri


Hi Folks!

I discovered from a friend that Publix grocery store was having a BOGO sale on all Gardein items.  I jumped on that!  I got there and found a few of the things I’ve been looking for, but couldn’t find at other stores (I don’t normally shop at Publix).  First thing I noticed was that Publix has a much larger section for vegan and vegetarian frozen items – four or five refrigerators worth – way bigger than the other local grocery stores.  Looking at the Gardein items, it looked as if they had all of them.  I picked specifically the ones I had a hard time finding: BBQ Pocket Meals and the Fish Filets.  I  also picked up the Chick’n Strips, and the Beefless Burger – my favorite non-meat burger so far.  While I was at it, I picked up a frozen Amy’s Mac & Cheeze (I’d seen so many good reviews about it on Youtube).

Ended up paying around $14 for all five items.  Not a terrible haul.

So far I’ve eaten the fish once, and the bbq pockets twice.  I haven’t had the burgers yet (this time), and I think I’ve had the chick’n before. So I’ll give my thoughts below. Thanks!

Gardein BBQ Porkless Pocket Meal

These things are so cute!  They’re each about half the size of a Hot Pocket, and stuffed with “pulled pork” and a tangy yet a bit spicy bbq sauce.  I find it hard to eat just one – mostly because of the size.  They can be cooked standard oven, or microwave (takes I think 70sec by microwave).  I prefer the oven though, because it adds a bit of a crisp to the outside of the dough. Either way I thought these were both cute and tasty. 8/10

Gardein Golden Fishless Filets

These were the ones I was really looking for!  Before giving up meat on Valentine’s Day, one of my biggest downfalls was seafood.  I’m glad to see someone came out with a product that a die-hard seafood lover like myself could get into.  I cooked mine in the oven, not the microwave.   No flipping or turning was needed, and the batter was crisp when it came out.  The inside was flaky, and I find the texture to be much better than what you get in store-bought frozen fish.  I’d gladly pick this over a real frozen fish product any day.  9/10

Amy’s Rice Mac & Cheeze

I bought this mainly because I require mac n cheese.  It is essential to my being.  So when I kept hearing people online rave about this, I had to try it out.  It’s a rice pasta, so it’s gluten free, and it’s a non-dairy cheese.  I put this in the oven, not the microwave, and it formed a not-quite-unappealing film across the top – it was thick and gooey (as mac n cheese SHOULD be), a little salty, so I didn’t have to add any seasoning to it – though you might want pepper… The only improvement I could wish for would for it to be bigger.  It was a really good experience and I’ll definitely be buying this product again in the future. 9/10

That’s all I’ll be checking out today, keep an eye out for more reviews in the future of other products I find in my hunt for food I can eat.  I’m still trying to find Just Mayo’s ranch dressing.  Amazon wants $12.  Uh… no.

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