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  1. New Year, Get Your Act Together


    January 1, 2016 by Zuri

    Well another year has passed.  This one was pretty difficult, especially towards the end.  I’ll get into why in a …
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  2. Food Adventure: Sweet and Sour Chicken for One!

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    January 24, 2015 by Zuri

    Tonight I’m by my lonesome, so it’s dinner for one.  I had one chicken breast thawed, so I dragged out …
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  3. Happy Birthday, Looking Towards the New Year

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    December 28, 2014 by Zuri

    Well another birthday has come and gone. It was nothing eventful, my birthday lunch is postponed until next weekend, so …
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  4. Holiday Food Adventure: Gluten Free Gingerbread Cookies!


    December 24, 2014 by Zuri

    I hope everyone is having a decent time leading up to the holidays.  I had been planning all month to …
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  5. Food Semi-Failure: Peanut Butter Cookies


    December 10, 2014 by Zuri

    it’s almost 11pm, and I’m dying for a snack.  On Pinterest, I had the following recipe saved: It seems pretty …
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  6. Falafel Failure


    December 4, 2014 by Zuri

    I tried to make baked falafel tonight using the following recipe and failed miserably. The mixture was far too wet …
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  7. Food Adventure: $3.90 Curry!

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    December 2, 2014 by Zuri

    With payday tomorrow, I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel trying to figure out something tasty and gluten free to …
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