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November 6, 2013 by Zuri

Hi readers!

I apologize for the lack of recent updates, but I have a really good excuse: I started school this semester! Yup, as of this fall I’m officially a full time student again, for the first time in a VERY long time.

The classes I’m taking this semester are:

Intro to Anthropology
Intro to Religion
Beginner Algebra
Intro to Computers

I’m doing really well in everything, except maybe computers. It’s an online class, and I don’t do so well in online classes. Also, they’re teaching a lot of high-end Comp. Sci. stuff, like programming and networking, which I can’t fathom why they’re teaching it to us. It’s completely irrelevant to an end-user.

My goal for this semester was to get on the Dean’s List so I could get into Honors College, but I’m not sure if I’ll make it with lousy computer grades. The other 3 classes I have A’s in, so they’re not my chief concern.

So, between my courseload, plus taking care of the family, I just really haven’t had time to update this particular blog. I apologize for that. I’ll do my best to update more frequently. Promise!

I’ve already registered for my Spring courses. Yay! I’ll be taking:

Spanish I
Cultural Anthropology
Intermediate Algebra
Public Speaking

I was originally taking Public Speaking this semester, but the teacher was a hardass when he was there, and the rest of the time, simply WASN’T THERE! The class was giving me panic attacks by his lack of accessibility so I ended up dropping the course. C’est la vie.

As far as my health goes, and also related to school, is my diet. It’s seriously been sucking lately. With the start of school, I’ve been trying to eat vegetarian as much as possible, but haven’t succeeded very well. I’ve also been eating a lot of junk food and drinking sugary sodas again. SHAME ON ME! A danish and cherry coke do NOT a breakfast make!

I’ve been collecting recipes on my Vegetarian Pinterest, plus the 200 cookbooks I own, trying to find easy and affordable options for breakfast, lunch at school and dinner while my partner is at class in the evening (since he usually does all the cooking, not me). I can only eat Subway Veggie Delites for lunch so many times before I get sick of it. I’m already sick of it.

Oh, and on one further health related note, I threw my back out SEVERELY on Monday night. Ended up in the Emergency room unable to take more than six inch steps. They prescribed an anti-inflammatory, steroids and a muscle relaxer. It also means I missed my classes yesterday, which absolutely sucks, because I have a math exam on Thursday (tomorrow!) and missed the last chapter before the exam. Thankfully my friend Tom, who is a math guru, came by to help me go over a few things. I am so grateful for that!

That’s it for the updates. Like I mentioned earlier, I’ll try to make more blog posts in the near future. Most of them will probably be about school and diet.

See you then!


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