Finals Week and Fall 2015

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April 30, 2015 by Zuri

Wow, I didn’t realize it’d been so long since I posted!

This week is finals week.  In Weight Training class, I had to submit a final project outlining a workout routine utilizing all muscle groups.  I took my last Math chapter test yesterday, and depending on my grade on that test, I most likely won’t have to take the Final Exam for Math.  Humanities Final is this Tuesday, and we did the review today.  It looks manageable.  Those three classes I’m expecting good grades from.

And then there is Biology…

I struggled all semester with this class.  My grades have improved over time.  My first test in the lecture class was in the high 60s, the second in the 80s and the last one was a 98.  I got an A on my Powerpoint presentation on Microbes and an A on my display about GMOs for Earth Day.  So, in theory, if I pass the take-home final exam, then I should pass the course.

The Lab is equally confusing.  Despite again struggling with the class, I got good grades on the test and a 95 on what I thought was a pretty pathetic lab report.  I know my lab notebook isn’t a good one, so I’m not sure how I’ll finish the course, but it’s looking plausible that I might pass?

I got my acceptance letter from University of South Florida – YAY!  Well, sort of.

I’ve been “conditionally accepted”, which means they aren’t happy with my completion ratio. Figures that it’s inescapable.  They also messed up a few of my transfer credits, so I pointed that out to them, and they’ll be reviewing my transcripts for other errors.  Surprisingly, pointing this out to them only took a ten minute visit to the Admissions office.  While I was there I stopped by the Students with Disabilities Office, to make sure they’d gotten all of my paperwork.  They confirmed I didn’t need anything else and that I’d receive an answer in 7-10 business days.

I’m kind of surprised how smoothly the transition to University is going.  I’m cautiously optimistic, of course, waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Here’s hoping my grades are good this semester, so I’ll the credits will transfer and I won’t have to repeat any classes.


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